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A phone or in person consultation may be necessary initially to decide which program best suits your needs. I want to make sure to understand your lifestyle and goals in order to secure the best results possible.

Body Transformation Programs

Phone Consultation


This is a 30 minute 1-on-1 phone consultation with Armon Adibi.


Body Transformation Program

$950 if paid in full

(or $300/mo. x 4 payments)

16 Week Program

  • Targets fat loss with quick results.
  • Customized training, nutrition, supplementation plans tailored to your specific transformation goal.
  • Cardio schedule
  • Exercise instructions and education
  • Bi Weekly photo check in and progress assessment
  • **Best Transformation will be featured on the website, social media and the winner will receive a three day one to one personal training session.**

Contest Preparation Programs

Beginner Contest Prep

$950 if paid in full

(or $300/month x 4 months)

16 Weeks

  • Weekly Photo Check Ins
  • Changes If Needed
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weight Training Plan
  • Cardio Schedule
  • Dial in until show day

Elite Contest Prep

$1,999 if paid in full

(or $550/mo. x 4 payments)

16 Week Program

  • Weekly Physique Assessment
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Workout Plan
  • Customized Supplement Plan
  • Unlimited Text/Email Support
  • Motivational Support
  • Help in Promoting Sponsorship and Photoshoots
  • Referrals for Tanning Services
  • Dial in until the day of your show (Will be present if it is local)
  • Picture will be featured on the website and social media
  • Free Adibi Army Shirt

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