Get real results with custom built programs
made for your unique body!


Armon Adibi has been in the fitness industry for 12 years.
He understands the science behind diet and exercise, and how each person needs an individualized plan to achieve optimal results.
Armon provides 24/7 attention and support to get you looking your best.

General Training

This is an ideal selection and a perfect place to start for beginners with goals of weight loss and to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general.

Written workout plan to fit your needs based on the consultation and your desired goals.

Customized written supplement and nutrition plan. This will be developed for your individual needs. We will evaluate what you are currently eating and taking in, and then adjust from here. Make sure you are honest throughout the process of consultation so I may develop the best individualized plan possible.

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Wedding Training

This program is for the person looking for fat loss and toning before their big day.

I have seen consistent results across individuals through this plan.

It directly targets losing fat as quickly as possible across your body and problem areas. We are not necessarily focused on gaining muscle here, we are working towards your fat loss goals. There will be a weekly photo check in and the diet will remain consistent throughout the program.

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Competition Training

This program is a more for the discipline competitor gearing up for a contest/show.

Contest cycle workout plan personalized to what your changing needs.

Once a week physique assessment if local (pictures if you are not) along with half hour phone consultation following where we discuss what/if any changes must be made to cover all details and/or adjustments of your preparation. Customized diet from week to week. Text support 24/7.

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Whether shooting for getting in the best shape of your life, for a wedding, or preparing to walk onto the stage of a competition,
Armon does not settle for anything less than maximum results. He will push, support, and guide you throughout your journey.
With weekly check ins, Armon ensures you acquire the results you are looking to achieve.


“This is the second show I’ve done with Armon [and] we’ve won both of them.”

Chris Miller

1st Place Super Heavy-Weight 2014 Independence Day Classic


“My clear choice was Armon Adibi, not only did he teach me while he coached me, he was also mentally supportive and with his tools I took home 3 trophies.”

Tony Giles

Two 1st place and 1 overall

“Armon has most definitely taken my physique to an entirely new level! I had the privilege of meeting Armon after competing in the Greater Gulf States. He saw potential in me, & knew exactly what I was missing in order to be a contender at my next show, which was the NPC Alabama State Championships.”

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Brandon Francis

Alabama’s State Light-Heavyweight winner – 2011