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Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve leaner, healthier bodies – and, of course, place at the top of their competitions!

I’m ready to put my extensive experience and expertise, as an NPC Judge and winning Contest Prep Coach, to help you create a winning body, whether you’re wanting to compete in physique, bodybuilding, figure, bikini…or just want to have the BEST body of your life.

My formula is simple: focus on YOU!

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Armon Adibi - Contect Prep Coach

Armon Adibi – NPC Judge & Contest Prep Coach

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Three Key Things That Set Me Apart from All the Wannabes…

  • A Plan That Works for YOUR Body!

    I don’t have a rigid approach. I do what fits you…to unlock your winning body with the right training, the right supplements and the right diet…for you.

  • The Detailed Attention You Need to Succeed!

    Communication is critical to achieve the best results. Because, I only take on a few clients at a time, you can be confident that I can give you special “dial in ” attention.

  • A "No Guessing" Plan That's Updated Along the Way.

    I make changes as needed so you never have to think or second guess yourself. It’s simple: follow my plan and your body will be the best ever!

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At this point, you really only have TWO choices…

Preparing for a competition takes a lot of planning – the right planning.

You have to get your diet right, your training right, your posing right…even the color of what you wear right! There are so many moving pieces that it’s VERY difficult to get everything right on your own – trust me, I’ve tried ;)

So how do you find the right coach to help get you through the very bumpy road to your next competition?

Well, you have TWO choices:

1) Hire someone that’s cheap but has no experience helping people WIN competitions.

The problem: You become one of MANY clients with minimum attention paid to you and YOUR needs. You may even catch them Facebooking on your time.

The Result: Your body just isn’t at the level of those that hired a real contest prep coach. You don’t do as well because your coach cut corners. Many of your questions were never answered and you’re just not ready to get on stage. But you did save money…kind of.

Or you can…

2) Hire a professional prep coach that has taken hundreds of people through the tricky road of successfully preparing for your competition day.

Result: No guesswork…I, as your coach, will always tell you what to do every step of the way- including the day of your competition.


“Bring your best to the stage, every time!”

I want to see you do great and bring your best package. I will bring you into top shape without sacrificing muscle.

You see, anyone can follow a generic diet, but I will provide a plan that’s PERSONALIZED to YOUR body and geared to bring you in at your very best.

I will put my 10 years of experience and proven results to help you carve your best body- the kind that wins competitions. You’ll get guarded-secrets and expertise you’ll never find on the Internet.

I will dial you in, which consists of whole prep and last hour and minute details (trust me, you’ll be glad to have this) before you step on stage.

Think about it: Those that truly know the secrets to winning competitions would never give their secrets away for free, would they?

If you’re SERIOUS about bringing your A++ game to your next competition…

Contact me…

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