Xcel Amino EAA


Deciding between EAAs and BCAAs begins with an understanding of amino acids. The human body uses a total of twenty amino acids, which can be divided between essential, nonessential, and conditionally essential amino acids.
The three BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.
*Leucine and valine are critical for muscle repair and also work to stabilize blood sugar levels.
*Valine can influence energy.
*Leucine stimulates growth hormone production.
*Isoleucine boosts muscle metabolism and helps with hemoglobin production and regulating energy.


Benefits of BCAAs include: 

  • Increased muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis pathways
  • Reduced muscle fatigue. BCAAs have been found to increase concentration and focus during workouts.
  • Decreased muscle soreness after workouts. BCAAs can decrease protein decomposition during exercise, thus decreasing levels of creatine kinase, which increases as muscles tear and get damaged.
  • Improved health for individuals especially with liver disease and cirrhosis by reducing the symptoms.

EAAs consists of histidine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, and phenylalanine. These EAAs are precursors to neurotransmitters, play roles in metabolism, sleeping and waking, and other vital functions.

EAAs also carry with them all the benefits of BCAAs and more: 

  • Improved mood and sleep. Tryptophan is necessary for serotonin, which influences mood, sleep, and behavior.
  • Boosted metabolism. EAAs can reduce body fat while increasing muscle size and strength.
  • Prevention of muscle wasting in those with cancer or elevated age.


Since EAA supplements inherently contain the BCAAs, you get the best of both worlds. First, there’s the increased muscular endurance and resistance to muscle protein breakdown that comes with BCAAs. But second, you also get a much stronger anabolic response and all of the building blocks necessary to build lean muscle along with the other countless benefits of EAA supplementation.
If we’ve learned anything, it’s that we want a full-spectrum EAA supplement, but with a bit of extra leucine (5g seems ideal for now) added for good measure.
If you have a stash of BCAA supplements lying around the house, sure you can use them for a tasty flavored endurance water from time to time. But if you’re looking to maximize performance, recovery, and most importantly, growth, then maybe it’s time to consider adding some extra EAAs. Xcel Amino EAA has all benefits needed and also with an amazing flavoring system.