Offseason Contest Package


Off season program

This program is geared more towards the established fitness competitor with down time between competitions. Perfect for those who want to make changes to their physique or achieve higher fitness goals. This program will get you prepared for your next competition season. It is crucial to train hard in off season and form your diet in a way to support the gains you are seeking in the off season. Off season is the time to create the body you will be competing with. An off season will determine how well you perform on stage. This program is personalized to your needs and goals, it includes the following services:



      • Full off season diet specific to your goals – Depending upon the class you are competing in we will adjust your off season to best prepare you to be competitive on stage. Your diet in the off season will determine how much muscle you gain. You also do not want to gain too much fat, and want to forge optimal results through your diet in the off season. Diet will be a large part of the growth that you obtain here.
      • Nutrition and supplement program – We will collaborate on the supplements that will assist in achieving your results.
      • Training program guide to follow – This program will be geared to get your body where it needs to be in order to be very competitive in your class on stage. This will include workouts to build on your weaknesses and is considered as very personalized workout plan.
      • Physique assessment (pictures) sent in every 10 days along with half hour phone consultation to follow