I have been intrigued by fitness, human anatomy, and the science of bodybuilding at an early age. I started playing soccer for an International level team when I was in high school. It was through playing soccer that brought me to the sport of bodybuilding. Between the ages of eighteen to twenty-one I had won my first four shows; Lee Priest Classic, Ronnie Coleman Classic, John Sherman Classic, and the Red River Classic. I then went on to compete at a National Level.

It was through those shows that sparked my interest into not only being able to change my body but to help others achieve their fitness and health goals as well. It is my passion for fitness and bodybuilding that drives me to learn everything possible to achieve different goals on many levels. I am constantly going to different programs, learning new techniques, and doing my own research to stay on top of the latest and best scientific methods to maximize my clients’ efforts.

I have learned a lot through my own personal experiences and injuries. I’ve learned how to maximize and achieve any and all fitness goals safely for any body type or lifestyle. I have found true satisfaction and pleasure in helping someone that never thought they would be in shape. I will put all my knowledge to work for you to ensure that you reach your goals. Together we will achieve your dream body.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Bodybuilding
  • Men’s Physique
  • Bikini
  • Fitness Competitors
  • General Weight Loss
  • Elderly Training
Body Transformation ProgramContest Prep Program


More Than Your Average Fitness Coach

A very different approach is offered by Armon Adibi. Unlike other coaches that merely focus on quick goals, we put emphasis into helping you maintain your newfound healthy lifestyle with these and other areas that focus on life improvement and beyond.


    • A plan that works for YOUR body!
    • Detailed attention you need to succeed!
    • A “No Guessing” plan that’s updated along the way.
    • A coach that’s not too busy to help you be your best.
    • Access to over 10 years of contest prep experience.