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Contest Preparation Program

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A phone or in person consultation may be necessary initially to decide which program best suits your needs. I want to make sure to understand your lifestyle and goals in order to secure the best results possible.

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[dt_sc_one_third first] [dt_sc_pricing_table_item heading=’Beginner Contest Prep Package’ button_text=’Buy Now’ button_link=’’ price=’$800′ per=’4 months’ target=’_blank’ selected]

  • Weekly Photo Check Ins
  • Changes If Needed
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weight Training Plan
  • Cardio Schedule
  • Dial in until show day

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  • Physique assessment every 10 days with phone/text consultation
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weight Training Plan
  • Cardio Schedule
  • Supplement Plan

[/dt_sc_pricing_table_item] [/dt_sc_one_third] [dt_sc_one_third] [dt_sc_pricing_table_item heading=’Elite Contest Prep Package’ button_text=’Buy Now’ button_link=’’ price=’$1500′ per=’4 months’ target=’_blank’ selected]

  • Weekly Physique Assessment
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Workout Plan
  • Customized Supplement Plan
  • Unlimited Text/Email Support
  • Motivational Support
  • Help in Promoting Sponsorship and Photoshoots
  • Referrals for Tanning Services
  • Dial in until the day of your show (Will be present if it is local)
  • Picture will be featured on the website and social media
  • Free Adibi Army Shirt

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[dt_sc_one_third first] [dt_sc_pricing_table_item_two color=’red’ heading=’Offseason Contest Package’ subtitle=’Best As A Supplement To The Above’ price3=’$950′ text3=’Four Months’ button_text=’Enroll Now’ button_link=’’ button_size=’medium’ button_target=’_blank’]

  • Advice on how to maintain your conditioning in the offseason.
  • Bi-Weekly Photo Check Ins to ensure continued improvements
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weight Training Plan
  • Cardio Schedule
  • Supplement Plan

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  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Specific Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation Plan
  • Customized Workout Plan
  • Personal Training, if necessary

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  • Guidance on Executing and Fine Tuning Each Pose
  • Learn to Showcase Muscles
  • Technique, Breathing, Song Choice, Timing and Routine

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My Three-Step Approach

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  • Consult what worked and what did not work for you in the past
  • Examine what you have tried and look at why it has been ineffective
  • Assessment of your current physical composition
  • Determine what your fitness goals are and how to best achieve them
  • Develop a timeline and agenda to reach these goals

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  • Nutrition Plan: Diet plan will be provided. The plan will instruct on exactly what to eat on a daily basis
  • Workout Plan: Detailed workouts to achieve your goal(s) and ways to recover properly
  • Supplementation Plan: Recommended supplements that will be beneficial to the health of the body and muscle growth/recovery during training

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  • You will check in with pictures and consult throughout the process in order to ensure you are achieving optimal results
  • I will hold you accountable to your goals and motivate you towards the consistency necessary to achieve them