Body Transformation

A phone or in person consultation may be necessary initially to decide which program best suits your needs. I want to make sure to understand your lifestyle and goals in order to secure the best results possible.


Initial Start-Up Program


This is a one-time program; many will start with this to ensure they are able to adhere to the diet and workout program before they commit to a more extensive program. This is an ideal selection and a perfect place to start for beginners with goals of weight loss and to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general. This program includes the following:

  • Diet custom fit after pics and current nutrition and lifestyle is reviewed 
  • Custom workout program to fit your needs to bring body to the level you are looking for 
  • Supplement program custom for your body 
  • Full program is a one time program and review consult after

Elite Prep


  • Once a week physique assessment if local (pictures if you are not) along with half hour phone consultation following where we discuss what/if any changes must be made to cover all details and/or adjustments of your preparation
  • Contest cycle workout plan personalized to what your changing needs will be as contest time approaches
  • Customized nutrition and supplement program
  • Customized diet from week to week
  • Text support 24/7
  • Gear cycle ( optional )
  • Workout program tailored for your body. Exact exercises to form the body the fit what class you are doi  we ng to your best potential. Tricks and tools to advance your physique no matter how novice or advanced you are. 
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  • Last few weeks will be talking a lot on phone and very detailed dial in water manipulation, sodium manipulation, customized last minute tricks to bring you on stage best possible.

Armon’s 3 Step Approach


It does not matter where you are at in your fitness journey. I will take the time to assess your current health, fitness and capabilities to help develop measurable and timely fitness objectives.

  • Consult what worked and what did not work for you in the past
  • Examine what you have tried and look at why it has been ineffective
  • Assessment of your current physical composition
  • Determine what your fitness goals are and how to best achieve them
  • Develop a timeline and agenda to reach these goals


This program includes nutritional needs and recommended sustainable changes to your eating habits. Also, includes exercise instructions and education. I will instruct you the proper technique to reduce the risk of injury and see the optimal results.

  • Nutrition Plan: Diet plan will be provided. The plan will instruct on exactly what to eat on a daily basis
  • Workout Plan: Detailed workouts to achieve your goal(s) and ways to recover properly
  • Supplementation Plan: Recommended supplements that will be beneficial to the health of the body and muscle growth/recovery during training


I’ll monitor your progress against your agreed objectives. I’ll motivate and inspire you to push through your perceived limitations to help meet your objectives.

  • You will check in with pictures and consult throughout the process in order to ensure you are achieving optimal results
  • I will hold you accountable to your goals and motivate you towards the consistency necessary to achieve them

Real Experience Equals

Real Results.

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