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Initial start-up program


This is a one-time program; many will start with this to ensure they are able to adhere to the diet and workout program before they commit to a more extensive program. This is an ideal selection and a perfect place to start for beginners with goals of weight loss and to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general. This program includes the following:

Product Description

      • Customized written supplement and nutrition plan. This will be developed for your individual needs. We will evaluate what you are currently eating and taking in, and then adjust from here. Make sure you are honest throughout the process of consultation so I may develop the best individualized plan possible.
      • Includes a onetime assessment of your physique, this may be done through pictures if you are not local. I will look at where you currently need to develop muscle and lose fat. We will discuss where you would like your physique to be.
      • Written workout plan to fit your needs based on the consultation and your desired goals.