Brandon Francis

Alabama’s State Light-Heavyweight winner – 2011

Armon has most definitely taken my physique to an entirely new level!  I had the privilege of meeting Armon after competing in the Greater Gulf States.  He saw potential in me, & new exactly what I was missing in order to be a contender at my next show, which was the NPC Alabama State Championships.  I have competed in this show for a few years now, but never could deliver the “completed” package that was needed, not only to achieve one of my goals of getting a National qualification, but also win my class.  He stook me from being an average competitor at the Great Gulf States to winning the over-all light-heavyweight class at NPC Alabama Championships!  To reiterate, in only “8 weeks”!

Armon’s knowledge & passion for the sport of bodybuilding speaks volumes, in regards to how he approaches his job everyday.  From the very first interaction with him, I knew that he was the guy I needed to work with, in order to take my physique to the next level.  I literally saw my body changing by the day!  It was an overwhelming feeling to know & see that my hard work, for so many years was coming to fruition!  I was finally reaping the fruit of the labor, that I have been working so hard to achieve.

There’s so much to be said about Armon’s style of coaching.  He has provided a breath of fresh air to my bodybuilding career, and created a ton of excited for next years prep.  I wish that I could keep him as my secret weapon for years to come, but he deserves every bit of recognition for his unyielding efforts with me.

If you’re looking for a prep coach that will honest, candid, knowledgeable, & reliable; then Armon is definitely the guy to work with it. He’s the Real Deal!

I initially wrote the initial testimony (see above) after working with Armon for the first time because I was thoroughly impressed with his work, and felt that the praise was well-deserved.  After having such great results, and only working with him only 8 weeks, it was a no-brainier to hire him for a long-term commitment.

Giving him the opportunity to learn my body better and get a successful off-season underneath us.  Needless to say, the investment was totally worth it!  The very next season we were back on stage, but this time the stakes were a whole lot greater!  We were competing on the national stage this time around.  I had no idea what to expect from a show of this magnitude, but he had me “thoroughly” prepared both mentally & physically.  With that said, I finished TOP 5 in the light-heavyweight class in my first national show! Words can’t say enough about Armon as a coach.  If you want to win & be the best you can possibly be, I would highly recommend that you hire him!

We are headed back to Nationals for 2013, and I’m anxiously anticipating getting back on stage and being better than Top 5!  Because I’m working with best prep coach there is…….”Armon Adibi”

It's now 2016 and as you see the progress that's been made! Words can't explain the sacrifice, commitment, and the countless flights trip to Dallas twice a month to train with Armon! And the improvements that we've made! With that being said, the proof is in the pudding! He's coached me every step along the way! The most amazing part is that he saw my potential way before I could even imagine it! He knew that there was something there to exploit!! And he was darn sure right!

Now we are overall shows, being competitive on the national stage, & bringing packages to the stage that are always competitive to win the show! He sees pro potential in me, and to reiterate , that's something that I've never seen in myself! I put all my trust and confidence in Armon because he brought me to a level that I could never imagine doing with any other coach!  Hands down, best prep coach I've ever work With! 💪💪💪
2016 Ronnie Coleman classic 1st place open and masters light heavyweight, Bob Cicherillo classic 1st heavy weight and overall winner then North Americans 6th place light heavy